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Your Logo Speaks for Your Brand. Make Sure it Conveys the Right Message.

  • Premium Logo Development

  • Smart Start Logo Development

  • Corporate Tagline Development

  • Logo SPA – Logo Refresh & Modernize

  • Brand Management Guide

1 Premium Logo

When a business wants a logo of distinction or one ready for a registered Federal trademark, recommend a custom Premium Logo. It’s unique in every way — from the exclusive mark to the customized lettering.

Industry Research
Strategic Graphic Reasoning
6 Initial Concepts
Up to 4 Rounds of Revisions
Final Files: eps, jpg, png, pdf

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2 Smart Start Logo

A professional choice, the Smart Start standard logo is perfect for the budget-driven new business. Our brand designers select the best fonts for the lettering and a classic or contemporary icon for the mark. It’s a great logo for any business – new or old!

3 Initial Concepts
2 Rounds of Revisions
Final Files: eps, jpg, png, pdf

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3 Corporate Tagline

Corporate tagline development is for any business who wants to distinguish their brand, programs or products in competitive markets nationally and globally. It’s is a succinct statement that captures the essence of the brand.

Our branding experts will help you identify the memorable words or phrase that conveys your mission and value perfectly.

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4 Logo SPA -
Refresh and Modernize

Sometimes a logo – as good as it may be – becomes tired and out of date and needs to be refreshed. Our branding designers can breathe new life into your corporate identity by incorporating the latest design features, color combinations and overall “look”.

Give your logo a few days in our “Logo Spa”. We’ll massage and pamper it. You’ll love the results – and the reaction your new look get in the marketplace.

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5 Brand Management
Guide Development

Protect the usage of your logo with a Brand Management Guide. This detailed document outlines the “do’s and don’t’s” concerning how the logo may be used. Designers need your branding standards. It ensures consistency in branding.

The Brand Management Guide will instruct others like designers, sign-makers and web developers how to use your logo on the web, digitally and in print and signage.

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